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  IMI Mailbox Statistics for Microsoft Exchange is a small
and fast utility for Exchange Admin to get, print
and export Mailbox Resource Statistics, intended
to cover the lack of print capabilities in the current
version of the Exchange Admin.


Update Databases & Send Auto Responses
From Received Email

Email2DB is an email parser and auto-responder. It is a tool you can use to parse and extract data from form-based emails to integrate with your business data and send auto-responses. If you receive orders, invoices, support enquiries, web site feedback forms or any of form based data by email - you will find Email2DB an invaluable tool. Email2DB can read and process emails from POP3, IMAP and Exchange Servers - plus directly from Microsoft Outlook 2003 folders. You can also use Email2DB as a mail server and send emails directly to it for processing.

Email2DB will do just more than update your databases. You can print custom reports, update Outlook contacts, save attachments to specific folders, send auto-responses, control Windows processes, run scripts & macros - all from received emails.


Email To Database
Use Email2DB to automatically parse email messages and convert email to database records. Supports Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Pervasive and any ODBC compatible database or CSV files. Plus update your Outlook Contacts.

Send Automated Responses

Use Email2DB to send multiple customized email messages. You can also forward the original email on to multiple recipients. You can control who you send new emails to, based on the content of the incoming email. You can even send automatic follow up emails at scheduled dates in the future!

Run Reports, Process Attachments, Run Scripts
Run custom reports and export reports to PDF files. Save attachments to specific folders and create advanced business processes using the built-in Visual Basic compatible scripting language.

Save Time & Money By Automating Email Processing
Use Email2DB to parse data from any form based emails, such as web site feedback forms, e-commerce providers, eBay orders, Paypal, Amazon Marketplace confirmations etc... Use the data to update your database, print a report then send a customised email confirmation!
The Email2DB server runs as a system service and does not interfere with the normal e-mail flow.
  Email2DB Features
  • Check emails from POP3, IMAP & Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Check emails directly from your Microsoft Outlook 2003 Client folders.
  • Supports SSL POP3 and IMAP connections.
  • Create Triggers based on from address, subject & message content and headers.
  • Easy extraction of any number of fields from the subject, message & headers.
  • Complete Basic scripting language for manual field extraction.
  • Update any data source including, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Informix, Pervasive SQL, Access, ODBC.
  • Insert new records and Update existing records using Key Fields.
  • Update Outlook 2003 Contacts.
  • Update CSV files.
  Additional Actions That Can Be Run In Response To Email Triggers
  • Send multiple follow-up email auto responses to any addresses parsed from the original.
  • Forward original email to another addresses.
  • Delete original email from mail server.
  • Print a report of trigger results and fields extracted to a printer of your choice.
  • Play a sound file.
  • Display a popup message.
  Professional Edition Actions
  • Create custom reports that can include extracted data and external data sources.
  • Save reports as PDF, HTML, TIF, RTF, TXT and Excel files that can be attached to outgoing emails.
  • Send scheduled follow up auto-responses on pre-defined dates in the future.
  • Save attachments to specific folders.
  • Rename the attachments based on field data.
  • Post data to a web page via HTTP.
  • Run any Windows EXE and set parameters or environment variables to extracted field values.
  • Run an Email2DB basic script.
  • Control any Windows Service.
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Email2DB Standard Edition
Email2DB Professional Edition

IT-Services Thomas Holz,(aka ITSTH)

Easy2Sync for Outlook
If you always want to have your current e-mails, contacts, etc. with you, you know how difficult it is to get all changes transferred automatically. It is a program which does that job for you. It is called Easy2Sync for Outlook and synchronizes Outlook objects between computers. Exactly what you need as a notebook owner. There is also a free demo version. Furthermore the program can synchronize Exchange servers, create rotating backups and and and...

Easy2Sync for Files
Do you have several computers? Notebook and PC? You needEasy2Sync to keep your files in sync! No matter which files you change where -Easy2Sync will make sure that the computers are identical again. Due to its industrial strength design and a network of more than 200 rules it is sure that your files are correctly synchronized even in the most complex cases.

Easy2Sync for Outlook
Easy2Sync for Files
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