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  IMI Contacts Exporter is a small application which can export/extract Contacts items from any Outlook Contact Folders, including Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folders and save it to Microsoft Excel sheet or Microsoft Access table.

A2. First of all, select Proxy Addresses to be exported (see the picture below):

After exporting them, open the table into the exported access table and extend the row:

You will see all the email addresses that are linked to the selected user.

You can run IMI GAL Exporter within a batch process. Please read the "IMI GAL Export Guide", section "IMI GAL Exporter Console". You can include GALExportConsole.exe inside any batch or script process. The application is accessible by “IMI GAL Export Console Application” shortcut.

Please add all necessary entries in configuration file IMIGALEC.INI before start it. You may edit it
using any text editor (e.g. Notepad).

A4. This is native MAPI message.
When the number of returned entries is greater than 16000, the above message occurs.
The Microsoft Exchange Server Address Book has always limited the size of restrictions. For systems without Outlook security patch, the default maximum row restriction is 16000 rows for 32-bit clients. For systems with Outlook security patch, the default maximum row restriction is 5000 rows for 32-bit clients. IMI GAL Exporter suite is native MAPI client and use Outlook profile. The default maximum row count is modifiable on the client as a profile entry.

We built a small application that break this limitation, based on code described at http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=188295 - INFO: IMAPITable::Restrict Returned Rows Limitation in Exchange Address Book.
You can find the application at http://www.imibo.com/imidev/downloads/PatchABSearch.zip

The application PatchABSearch, should be run once in the same PC where “IMI GAL Exporter” is installed, only if you receive the described error message. 

A5. We recommend, the “IMI GAL Exporter” to be run in client PC (workstation),
with Outlook (LIVE Connection) or Exchange Admin installed. If you do not want Outlook or Exchange Admin to be installed on your clear PC, you can download and install from Microsoft site the Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1

A6. After installation, please fill all necessary fields inside "IMIGALEC.INI" file. Maybe you forget to complete "Microsoft Exchange Organization Directory Name" inside section [Organization] and  "Microsoft Exchange Site Directory Name" inside section [Container X]? To find correct names, please open the "Exchange System Manager" and locate it. For Organization Name, leave out "(Exchange)".
Picture below, show where they are located.
"Exchange System Manager" show that our "Microsoft Exchange Site Directory Name" is First IMIDEV Organization and "Microsoft Exchange Site Directory Name" is First Administrative Group. In this case section [Organization] will be:

; Microsoft Exchange Organization Directory Name
; Replace "First IMIDEV Organization" with your Microsoft Exchange Organization Directory Name
NAME = First IMIDEV Organization

[Container X]
Site Name = First Administrative Group
Container Path = GAL
Table Name = MyGALTable

Exchange System Manager

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