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  IMI GAL Exporter for Microsoft Exchange Server is a small utility for Exchange Admin to export GAL (Global Address List) to a Microsoft Access table.

IMI Fast User Manager and Reports

Getting Started
Domain Tree and Users
Detailed User Data
Bulk Export
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Getting Started

1. Click over "Connect" button.   2. Regarding your network configuration, extra information is necessary

4. Specify optional Credentials

You can specify connection also from main menu:
 - "Options" -> "Connection"

3. Browse for Active Directory Server

Domain Tree and Users


Domain Tree is limited only to USER objects.  

When you select an user from Grid, "Fast Edit" panel is available.


These tabs are available for "Fast Edit"
(regarding your domain permissions and rights, you can edit or only view the user data)


Supported attributes here

1. General Tab
givenName Given-Name First Name
initials Initials Initials
sn Surname Last Name
displayName Display-Name Display Name
description Description Description
physicalDeliveryOfficeName Physical-Delivery-Office-Name Office
2. Address Tab
streetAddress Address Street
postOfficeBox Post-Office-Box P.O.Box
l Locality-Name City
st State-Or-Province-Name State/Province
postalCode Postal-Code Zip/Postal Code
co Text-Country Country/Region
c Country-Name N/A
countryCode Country-Code N/A

Note: When you set "Country/Region" affected attributes are: co, c, countryCode

3. Telephones Tab
telephoneNumber Telephone-Number Telephone Number
homePhone Phone-Home-Primary Home Phone
pager Phone-Pager-Primary Pager
mobile Phone-Mobile-Primary Mobile
facsimileTelephoneNumber Facsimile-Telephone-Number Fax
ipPhone Phone-Ip-Primary IP Phone
otherTelephone Phone-Office-Other Telephone Other
otherHomePhone Phone-Home-Other Home Phone Other
otherPager Phone-Pager-Other Pager Other
otherMobile Phone-Mobile-Other Mobile Other
otherFacsimileTelephoneNumber Phone-Fax-Other Fax Other
otherIpPhone Phone-Ip-Other IP Phone Other
4. Organization Tab
title Title Title
department Department Department
company Company Company
manager Manager Manager
directReports Reports Direct Reports (Read Only)
5. Others Tab
mail E-mail-Addresses E-Mail
wwwHomePage WWW-Home-Page Web Page
url WWW-Page-Other Web Page Other
info Comment Notes
6. Picture Tab
thumbnailPhoto Picture N/A
jpegPhoto jpegPhoto N/A
Note: Additional attributes are available thru Detailed User Data


General Tab: First name, Initials, Last Name, Display Name, Description, Office location
Address Tab: Street, P.O.Box, City, ZIP, State, Country
Telephones Tab: Main Phone, Home, Pager, Mobile, Fax, IP Phone (all incl. Other Option)
Organization Tab: Title, Department, Company, Manager, Direct Reports
Others Tab: E-mail, Web page, Notes
Picture Tab: provides access to user picture/photo saved inside AD
If you make any changes inside these tabs, "Apply" button will be available.
If Microsoft Office Word is installed, you can export to Word some data from these tabs.

You can also see and/or modify detailed user data.



Getting Started
Domain Tree and Users
Detailed User Data
Bulk Export
Find Fast & Replace

Product Main Page

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