CanonicalName: PidTagDisplayName
PropertyID: $3001
Area: MAPI common
Description: Contains the display name for a given MAPI object.
Remarks: Folders require sibling subfolders to have unique display names. For
example, if a folder contains two subfolders, the two subfolders cannot use
the same value for this property. This restriction does not apply to other
containers, such as address books and distribution lists.

Service providers should set the value of this property so that it contains
both the provider type and configuration information. The additional
information helps to distinguish between instances of providers of the same
type. Unconfigured providers should use a string that names the provider.
Configured providers should use the same string followed by a
distinguishing string in parentheses. For example, an unconfigured message
store provider might set these properties to:

Personal Information Store

The configured version could then set these properties to:

Personal Information Store (February 6, 1998)

For status objects, these properties contain the name of the component that
can be displayed by the user interface.

Note: Semicolons cannot be used within recipient names in MAPI messaging.