CanonicalName: PidTagObjectType
PropertyID: $0FFE
DataType: PT_LONG
Area: Common
Description: Contains the type of an object.
Remarks: The object type contained in this property corresponds to the primary
interface available for an object accessible through the OpenEntry
interface. It is usually obtained by consulting the lpulObjType parameter
returned by the appropriate OpenEntry method. When the interface is
obtained in other ways, call IMAPIProp::GetProps to obtain the value for
this property.

This property can have exactly one of the following values:

MAPI_ABCONT - Address book container object

MAPI_ADDRBOOK - Address book object

MAPI_ATTACH - Message attachment object

MAPI_DISTLIST - Distribution list object

MAPI_FOLDER - Folder object

MAPI_FORMINFO - Form object

MAPI_MAILUSER - Messaging user object

MAPI_MESSAGE - Message object

MAPI_PROFSECT - Profile section object

MAPI_SESSION - Session object

MAPI_STATUS - Status object

MAPI_STORE - Message store object