IMIBO is the developer and owner of the IMI™ line of products.
The current business of IMIBO is focused on the building of small, fast and reliable
high-technology applications based on the Microsoft ® Windows New Technology platform.

IMI™ is the brand name of a new line of fast, small and reliable web and desk based enhancements for the Microsoft BackOffice (servers) and Microsoft Office (clients) family.

IMIBO is a privately owned company, founded in 1992.

IMIBO embraces a small but experienced team of developers and consultants, specialized in core technologies behind the Windows BackOffice products.

For the past 30 years, the team has been accumulating a lot of practical experience writing solid code for the Microsoft Exchange Server, Web-ready RDB and web-oriented projects in general. A separate division is specialized to provide corporate oriented solutions and IT consulting services for government institutions.

IMIBO currently participates as a consultant and executor of middle-sized projects, co-operating with governmental agencies and NGO organizations.

The IMIBO team is open to explore new business opportunities.


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